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Not yet recorded songs:

Archaic Laws

What do you want when you scream in my ear?
Rules of conduct no one wants to hear
Your ignorance is what the audience will feed
Provocations will not fool me!

Propaganda of this social disease
Continuation puts the masses at ease
Sacrifice the ones that sleep in your bed
Soon the lands will be colouring red

Turn back a page in this burning war
Devastations gone way too far
The voice of reason seems so far away
Hiding is useless, you´ll soon shall pay

Propaganda of this social disease
Continuation puts the masses at ease
Sacrifice the ones that sleep in your bed
Soon the lands will be colouring red

Deceased Love

Dishonest bitch, don't trap me in your lies
I feel the rage, I feel the vice
Take me as I am, or just leave me be
Consequences, accept them and you are free

When you come home, my hope is slipping out
My heart is burning, of anger raging loud
Why you keep lying, without blinking an eye?
Ashamed you should be, telling lies without a sigh

Feel all my pain, feel my suffering
Learn from this now, despise your sodomy
If there's a hell, it's for you to burn
I've made mistakes, but I've had my turn

Downforce Maniacs

Last in Line, but not in will
I came to win, I drive to kill
Pump the gas! Accelerate!
Buckle up! No-one waits!

Turbocharged. All horses show.
Powered up and ready to go.
Adrenaline is what I need.
My Addiction? The need for speed!

Angry souls, try to limit us
No need to feel, just to adjust.
The racing track, is where I'm free.
Fuel up and leave me be!

The Duke

My mind is cold
I need a duke
A sixpack then I feel so good
It's my primal need
On the Duke I feed
After 24 cans I piss my pants!!

Infected Flesh

Make me beautiful doctor,
Inject botox in my face
Make me someone I am not
Make me look like a disgrace

Cut me open, break my face
Mutilate my looks
Now it really starts to daze
Now I do feel good!
All the pain that I endured
to fulfill my needs
Only brought me my decay
I am the monster of the street!

I wish I hadn't done this all
But now it's much too late
It can't be made undone no more
I'll have to live with what I hate!


The sandman had no time for me
He doesn't care that I can't sleep!
Wide awake I lay in bed
'cause I can't sleep, feeling sad!

All the thoughts within my head
don't disappear while I'm in bed
Thoughts about some scary creep
Please go away, I wanna sleep!

Get off my head, and leave me be!
My brain needs rest, from the things I see
Now nothing's there, it's all in my head
So I can sleep, the thoughts are dead.

Kill the World

For years I've tried, to enter your world
but now it seems it had been sold
Someone found my Holy Lance
I'll use his body, to take my chance!

A pshychic twin, just what I need!
Thanks to Gabriel, soon we'll meet
Hell on earth, is what I choose
Now use the spear, to cut me loose

I had to stay, in fathers Hell
A prison to me, you can't tell
I will cross over, to your world
There I will be, Mammon the lord!

The Mist

In the mist you can’t see anything,
you have no clue what’s right or wrong.
A faulty step might kill you instantly,
and yet you walk there all alone.

The mist is getting thicker,
on every step you take.
Your fear is getting bigger,
as your trying not to break.

I’m watching you, I’m stalking you,
this labyrinth is my domain.
I won't let you get out of here,
you shall feel my pain!

Everywhere there’s light, but not for you to see.
The path you cannot find.
The mist is here to show you the wrong way
It’s creeping through your mind.


She asks her daughter, is it true?
Is it true he's touching you?
Her little daughter told her there,
daddy touched me, everywhere!
She took her kid, right outside,
put her in a tent to hide.
She walked back home, found him on bed.
She grabbed a gun, and shot him dead!

A derailed ass kept some kids
in his basement for his kicks
When he was done with them
he slaughtered them, buried them
When the cops finally knew
it was too late he killed quite a few
Child molester we won't forget
If you ever get out you will regret!


Mountain of Madness

Wandering through endless wilderness
The freezing cold undoes hell's winter dress
No end is near, all hope's lost
Loss of oxygen is the cause

On top of the volcano, the slaves wait
For their final plunge, into the demon's gate
The sacrifice has been made complete
Hands in the sky, the drought has been defeat

A violent mix of sulfur and heat
Cause blood and guts flow through, your body has been defeat
Wiraqocha pleased, the soldiers return
To find some other victims they can burn

The Ultimate Pain Experience

I knew that there would be a way
To make this suffering go away
Can I introduce you to my Hell
Follow me, on the path you won't retell

In the attic you are lured
You try to run but my mind is strong
Smash your face, strip your skin
Your fresh blood is dripping of my chin

Tell me not of your life
Just because you're my sacrifice
I'll finish this, the pain is passed
on to you and forever lasts

Agony is burning in my heart
Brutality is the worst part
I'll finish this, the pain is passed
on to you and forever lasts

Walking in Shadows

Waling in shadows, all of my life
Trying to get the meaning, of what I despise
Suicide, is what's on my mind
Need to get out of here, before I go blind

The path of my beloved ones
follows a dark line
But the truth I will find
Not to be left for blind
Find the answers
Search the night
Out in the cold
Leave me bind

Now that I am different
Now that I feel strong
I can take the world
No-one does me wrong!
Found the answers
Searched the night
No more cold
Seeing bright


Afraid to die I fear his judgement on me,
Where shall I go? Will he let me be free?
Can I go to Heaven? Or do I need to pay
for the things I have done, will I suffer in flames?

I know for sure some things I did weren't right,
but was it that bad? Can I go to the light?
I fear the afterlife, I fear whatever there is
But what I fear most is the abyss!

All my life I lived with rules from words
written by some god or even worse
a man who dreamed that if we'll live his way
we didn't have to live in dismay.

He says we need to pray for all we get,
even though we work for our own bread.
All my life they teach me that God is the only way to live.
If I was wrong I hope you can forgive...

Religion frightens people
Religion harvests hate
Religion killed what might have been,
and does not allow debate!

Religion is a monster
Religion is a mess!
Religion is what's evil,
absolutely nothing less!

Now the time has come to close my eyes
The biggest of our fears will soon become lies
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
This justifies the goal for which we honger

Was my life one big masquerade?
All these years I dreamt and prayed
Fuck this deception what is called religion
There is no such thing as premonition

Master Of Deceit

Financial monster
Master of deceit
We've been waiting for your breakdown
Now your followers will bleed!

All the lives that you destroyed
Lies based upon greed
An expensive house, big ass car
To disaster this will lead!

Today the final day arrived
The day your money died
No government will help you out
Join in the lynching crowd.

The whistleblower's last meal arrived
He overplayed his hand
Insanity struck his corrupted mind
His world of lies is damned

Your bank account is empty
It happened right before your eyes
The monster sleeps so well tonight
But you, you wish you died!

Our corrupt minister of disaster
Followed his own plan
The birds of prey are ready now,
to feast upon this wicked man.

High Priest of the Diabolical Revolution

When they found you, drowning in your blood
They didn't know yet, what was to come
A foul prediction, made by evil men
Yet it's the only way, to fulfill the final plan!

I've been always your trusted friend
Desire and money is the original sin
Strangulation, of all that they love
No exception, their final day has come!

War Machine

This is the final chapter
of a dying dictature
Manipulating the masses, trying to make us bleed
Give them Hell to pay
Make them suffer
This is the new world order, sorting out the fools

Blood is flowing
Choose your weapons
Cruel ways of torture gives up your weakened defense
There is no purpose
There is no meaning
Only destruction of mankind, this is the end!

War Machine!

Witch Doctor

Calling out for sanity
Praying for what's lost
Mind will follow instinct
No matter what the cost
A treatment based on energy
Believe and you will see
You will suffer a thousand deaths
Enter your astral body

Pain is not the object
Of your self-indulged stronghold
The blood on your hands will reflect
Not a passage, you're on threshold
When you see, finally know
You will stand before them
Judged by my and judged by God
No choice but to let them

Ojos del Brujo

The knowledge of your untimely death
Just hit me like a bomb
We stand knocked down and hold our breath
Honor your wise commands

You have seen the terror befalling our world
You have seen the face of hate
Everyone was blind to your predictions
Opened are our friendly gates

We are slaves of war, whores of peace
Led on by the policor dogs
But the winds have changed, the time has come
Progress back to the old

Fight the good fight, the objective
But we can't with no shed of blood
Demolish the monster, that they've created
Stop us humans, we are not god